Consumer Insight Solutions

Most marketing departments today realize the importance of monitoring social media networks like Facebook and Twitter for consumer opinions and to manage their brand. Our solutions help marketing groups build proactive social media feedback programs that channel business insights to various parts of their organization. Start by implementing active listening strategies or go beyond that to convert your followers into lead users, engaging them in new product development.

Buzz Monitor Virtual Focus Group
Discover & act on vital insights from the multitude of social media conversations about your brand/products/competitors. Maximize ROI by effectively channeling insights and tracking actions internally. Go beyond listening to customers and pospects on social media. Identify lead users among your fans/followers and drive meaningful conversations for insights to improve your products and processes.
Brand Monitoring
Campaign Tracking
Competitive Tracking
Lead User Study
New Product Introduction
Consumer Preference Analysis

Insight + Action = Maximum ROI

We understand social media marketing programs must address a wide array of business goals. Social Lair's team members have worked with over 100 enterprise social programs of all sizes and across industry sectors. By enabling purposeful conversations with social media users — and helping to map insights to your business goals and organizational structure — we help streamline operations and maximize your ROI.

  • Speed and Flexibility. Get started instantly with one of our pre-built consumer insight solutions.
  • Open and Engaged...4X More. Engaging lead users is a great way to track top performance attributes/dissatisfiers and to catalyze new ideas. Increase community engagement four-fold to improve outcomes and build mindshare.
  • Lowest TCO. Full power of SaaS and best practices built into our solution lead to faster deployments and lowest cost of ownership.

Consumer Insight Solutions

Social marketeers have an unique opportunity to influence product lifecycle decisions... get your blueprint on how to maximize social ROI with goal-driven conversations.

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