Employee Engagement Solutions

Business leaders across industry sectors are recognizing the high cost of not effectively engaging their employees and the need to boost worker productivity as key areas of human resource development. Companies with high employee engagement indeed financially outperform those with low engagement. What's required for the next leap in enterprise productivity is to:

  • make employee interactions more efficient and productive,
  • instill enduring performance motivators that align employees more closely with business goals,
  • line of sight and leverage organizational diversity for improved speed and quality of decision making.

Open Leadership WorkStream
(Sponsor driven)
Enable decision makers to efficiently gather business insights from users across the extended enterprise aligned with key business goals.
Instantly establish an Enterprise Collaboration Network for agile peer-to-peer communications. Go beyond sharing. Get collective inputs for decision making, problem solving and business planning.

Engagement + Productivity = Maximum Performance

Social Lair's employee engagement solutions are built on a 2nd-generation social collaboration platform. In sharp contrast to other social business platforms that primarily enable information and file sharing, Social Lair provides new frameworks and embed best practices from working on 100+ enterprise social programs. Facilitate a range of user interactions (sponsor driven or peer-to-peer) and harness advanced analytics that blend qualitative analysis with quantitative insights for improved decision making.

  • Speed and Flexibility. Get started instantly with one of our pre-built solutions.
  • Open and Engaged...4X More. Engaging employees is a great way to track top performance attributes/dissatisfiers and to catalyze new ideas. Increase community engagement four-fold to improve outcomes and build mindshare.
  • Lowest TCO. Full power of SaaS and best practices built into our solution lead to faster deployments and lowest cost of ownership.

Employee Engagement Solutions

Gallup estimates that lower productivity due to actively disengaged workers costs the U.S. economy about $328B every quarter. What can you do? Read more...

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