Successful organizations are increasingly opening their innovation programs to profit from the collective intelligence of their employees, customers and partners. Procter & Gamble, Starbucks, Dell, Best Buy, Nike and several others are among those. With over 500 communities hosted on the Social Lair platform, we are transforming how enterprises — both small and large — run their innovation programs online.


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Combining business process controls for idea management with social collaboration to engage your employees, customers and partners has never been this easy...

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    2nd-generation idea management solutions built on an award-winning platform. Full-featured idea lifecycle with workflow, reviews, scorecard, gamification, analytics, reports & admin controls.
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    Choose from one of our prebuilt solutions hosted in the Amazon cloud or get your custom solution on the Social Lair platform. Either way, its... Enterprise-grade. Scalable. Secure. OnDemand Solutions...

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    With experience of working on dozens of projects, we've got the inside scoop on running successful innovation programs. Explore what others in your industry are doing. And talk to us for best practices. Case Study Explorer...

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    Sandisk, Sungard Availability Services, Aujas, Oceus Networks, Navis, Peepldo and dozens of other customers trust Social Lair as their platform of choice.

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    Get started with an OnDemand solution and the Free plan. Unlock extra features by upgrading anytime to the Premium Plan. Custom requirements priced under the Enterprise Plan. Pricing...

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