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Idea Collection

  • Idea Campaigns

    Organize your innovation priorities as campaigns and control the user participation process for idea submissions according to each campaign's requirements.

  • Idea Templates

    Framing your ideation goals clearly and casting them crisply into questions is crucial for your idea campaign. Create effective idea forms using our forms manager.

  • Idea Categories

    Categories help segment the ideation space into topics. Or use them to map idea submissions to your organizational structure. Setup category owners and notifications.

  • Idea Teams

    Idea teams allow users to work together on an idea, sharing tasks and updating documents. Create teams via invites (invitations mode) or via sign-ups (self-forming mode).

Idea Lifecycle Management

  • Idea Stages

    Define a series of lifecycle stages that an idea goes through before it is accepted, rejected, or deferred. These stages help filter a few good candidates from a large set of ideas.

  • Automated Idea Graduation

    Automate your idea pipeline with graduation thresholds at each stage. Ideas advance based on volume of community activity as well as the quality of interactions.

  • Manual Idea Graduation

    Administrators can change idea lifecycle stage manually any time even if automated idea graduation is on.

  • Review Management

    Streamline panel reviews of ideas by using consistent evaluation criteria. Assign reviewers, track completed reviews and send reminders for pending ones.

  • Private Comments

    Allow reviewers to post private comments on ideas and share them with rest of the evaluation team. These comments are not shown to other users.

Social Collaboration

  • Idea Sharing

    An idea stream widget is available for sharing ideas in an activity stream format. Filter and search ideas based on search keywords, categories, and idea stages.

  • Co-Creation & Curation

    Involve large user groups to discuss concepts and develop ideas. Get diverse inputs, ask questions and provide feedback. Evaluate ideas via various crowd voting mechanisms.

  • Follow Users and Content

    Follow other users and subscribe to categories, ideas, and comments. Get email digests of subscribed activity on a daily or weekly basis based on user preference.

  • RSS/Atom Feed

    Publish content from the entire community as well as individual categories, ideas, and comments as RSS feed to related websites. Protect secure content using RSS tokens.

Emergent Gamification

  • Virtual Currency

    Social Lair uses a dual currency system to incentivize users. Activity points promote user participation while achievement points encourage high quality contributions.

  • Rewards Store

    Built-in store allows users to exchange points for rewards. Administrators can easily add store items, track and approve orders, and manage email notifications.

  • Leaderboard

    Publish top users and ideas based on popular vote, social network metrics & currency value. Motivate meaningful participation via peer recognition and competition.

  • Idea Market

    Idea market is a fun & effective way to rank top ideas instead of popular voting. Users invest virtual currency to buy stocks in ideas they like and realize profits if their value rises.

Analytics & Reports

  • Recommendation Engine

    Monitor user activity to automatic-ally recommend ideas and potential collaborators. Easily discover like people and ideas in communities with long tail distributions.

  • Key Phrase Detection

    Our text analytics engine detects key phrases used frequently in user discussions. Identify conversational themes by automatically parsing the corpus of ideas and comments.

  • Community Health Monitor

    Track community health through advanced metrics on quality of Participation, Connection between community members, and volume of Conversations between them.

  • Pre-defined/ad-hoc Reports

    Monitor visitor & activity history as well as other community statistics using several pre-defined reports. Create custom reports with charts. Export as PDF and Excel files.

Security and User Management

  • Social Media Login

    External communities can be set up to allow users with Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts to login using those authentication credentials.

Deployment, Customization & Integration

  • Wikipedia, Twitter & more

    Discover similar content and people from external sites like Twitter, Wikipedia and others. Capture the pulse of social media channels for your community.