Social Lair provides an exciting platform to enhance and extend key business processes in an enterprise using social media technologies. We are joining hands with leading Consulting and Technology Partners to jointly bring highly effective and optimized solutions to market.

Consulting Partners

Lassen Innovation has been providing innovation management, consumer insights, and technology growth consulting to some of the best companies in the world for nearly 20 years. Lassen Innovation delivers handcrafted services that are custom connected to the culture and specific goals and objectives of its clients. Lassen Innovation enjoys one of the highest client satisfaction ratings in the innovation industry.

Catalign Innovation Consulting is a leading innovation services firm based in India whose specialty is co-design and co-execution of innovation programs. Catalign is paranoid about two things: systematic approach and sustainability of the results; and to achieve these, it focuses on culture-friendly and strategy-friendly interventions.

Social Ekwity designs and delivers technology solutions that help companies solve business problems and gain competitive advantage. Service portfolio covers the areas of portal and content management, identity and access management, and directory services.

If you are a consulting firm with thought leadership and significant investments in the areas of enterprise collaboration, collaborative leadership, process efficiency or innovation, we'd love to talk to you. Contact us to discover how Social Lair can help you leverage the power of Collective Business Intelligence™ solutions to harness diverse, qualitative and quantitative inputs across an enterprise.

Technology Partners

Social Lair has partnered with leading technology OEMs to embed advanced analytics and gamification, allowing enterprises to leverage their investments in their existing social software platforms and achieve radically improved business results.

Social Lair has teamed up with IBM to integrate Social Lair's advanced analytics and emergent gamification SDK with IBM Connections. The integrated solution provides enhanced employee engagement by fostering a culture of cooperation and collaboration through leaderboard, non-monetary incentives, virtual currency and user reputation.

Social Lair provides integration of its emergent gamification SDK with Microsoft Sharepoint for improved employee engagement through emergent ranking of users and content, leaderboard, non-monetary incentives, and virtual currency.