Social Lair Platform

Social Lair was founded with the vision of creating a software platform that will "socialize" every business process within an enterprise. Our technology platform is designed from the ground up to promote purposeful conversations around daily work activities and procedures—instead of causing chatter. We have developed new frameworks and algorithms that address key challenges in the following core areas:

  • analysis of unstructured conversations to establish business context and purpose,
  • blending qualitative with quantitative analytics to build emergent user and content rankings,
  • creating community models that provide flexible interaction types and incorporate business needs of task assignment, direction-setting & security.

At the platform's core are Social Lair's advanced technology and algorithms for blended social analytics that rank content and users for relevance and significance. The platform provides a range of community archetypes that combine various conversation types and collaboration models, together with full administrative control, facility to embed custom style sheets and numerous other customizations for site layout, and look and feel.

Built on the Social Lair Platform, we offer a range of customizable solutions—for establishing an enterprise collaboration network to socializing key business processes in product lifecycle management, talent and workforce management, and marketing.


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