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Open Innovation QuickStart


Setup in 5 Minutes

Quickstart resources are targeted for administrators of a Social Lair OnDemand Open Innovation community. Create your own Open Innovation community if you don't already have one — it's FREE and only takes a couple of minutes!

Your Open Innovation community is already configured with smart defaults and mostly ready to go. The goal of this section is to give you a quick 5-minute overview, to help you "kick the tires" and invite your peers on the site. Five steps in five minutes.

  1. Campaign Goal
  2. Post an Idea
  3. Get Feedback
  4. Invite Users
  5. Rewards & Leaderboard

Are you currently using another innovation solution (like, for example, Spigit) and thinking about making the switch? We've created some resources just for you, so don't hesitate to contact us!


1. Campaign Goal

The Home page of your site serves as the main page to announce campaign goals and process to all users. The page contains a default message informing users about things they can do. As a site administrator, you can customize this message to add details like business goals, idea selection process, and any deadlines. We'll skip past customization for now; step-by-step instructions on customization can be found in the Help page of your site. After you login to your OnDemand community, and hover on the avatar to see the link to the Help page.


2. Post an Idea

Click on the "POST IDEA" tab from the top menu to post your first idea. Fill out required fields of Idea title and Description, and hit publish button. A successful ideation campaign requires that idea posters frame their ideas clearly and consicely — this is accomplished through the use of Idea Forms. A default Idea Form contains the fields you see above. The Help page of your site provides instructions on how to create your own Idea Form. Your site also uses categories and idea stages to organize ideas. We'll skip these for now as they're optional.

3. Get Feedback

Open Innovation solution allows you to gather crowd preferences as well as expert reviews for evolving and evaluating ideas. Your solution comes pre-configured to allow crowd comments and voting. By default, any community member can only vote on an idea posted by another user, but not their own idea. To get feedback on the idea you just posted, proceed to next step: "Invite Users."

You may choose not to conduct expert reviews on the site, just opting for off-line reviews. In case you do decide to use the online review management and tracking features, see the step-by-step instructions in the Help page of your site.

4. Invite Users

By default, user self-registration is turned off and all users must be invited into the community by its administrator. To add users, go to the "ADMIN" tab and click on "Manage Users" link, marked (1.) in image below. Then click on the "Invite Members" button, marked (2.), to invite users.

Invite users by supplying a list of valid email addresses, one address per line, in the text box. You can resize the box to increase your view area. Click and drag the bottom right corner of the box, marked (1.) in image below, to do so. There are 3 different roles that you can assign users; see table below.

Role Permissions Comment
Community Member Can create ideas, post comments and cast votes Default role assigned to all participants
Idea Reviewer Can create reviews, post private comments and cast votes Reviewers are community members with additional privileges
Community Administrator Can customize site look and feel, invite users, manage site content & user activity. Top level role necessary to setup and manage the community

The system sends email to each user with a temporary password and instructions to join. Upon first login, users will be prompted to change their initial password, as well as fill-in any required profile attributes.

5. Rewards and Leaderboard

Your site is pre-configured to use virtual currency as a "gamification" strategy designed to introduce an element of fun and competition into ideation communities. The system by default awards "points" to users for the following activities:

  1. Posting an idea: 200 points
  2. Posting a comment: 50 points
  3. Casting a vote: 10 points

These points are used to rank most active users on the "Leaderboard" page. You don't need to make any changes to use the default setup. You can adjust the amount of points awarded; see Help page of your community for instructions.

That was easy

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