Title: Harnessing Collective Intelligence for Better Product Lifecycle Decisions, August 2012

Companies have long been looking for effective ways to harness the collective feedback of customers, employees and partners — to gain insights that can help drive their future product direction and uncover potential challenges. What's been missing are tools that not only support active listening but also help drive goal-driven conversations – and doing that at scale with a broad base of constituents. Insights from these conversations very often become catalysts for early stage ideation, as well as drivers of future product strategy and innovation programs.

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Title: Gamification @ Work: Elevating Engagement, Motivation and Business Performance, June 2012

Most organizations are facing significant challenges in the adoption of social platforms and especially in making their use relevant to their business goals. Find how surprising truths about human motivation—autonomy, mastery and purpose—can really be channeled by using the right type of non-monetary incentives and gamification mechanisms to create a new category of enterprise social management platforms with the power to usher new levels of employee engagement and transform organizations.

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Title: From Command & Control to Connect & Collaborate, January 2012

What's required for the next leap in enterprise productivity is ... to instill enduring performance motivators that align employees more closely with business goals, and to include diverse opinions from across the organization for improved speed and quality of decision making ... you have to put "business" before "social" in creating "business social" solutions. From this perspective, it is important to evaluate any solution at three levels: analytics, conversation types, and community archetypes.

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