Platform Integrations

Our Platform allows IT organizations to leverage their existing investments in enterprises social software platforms while delivering dramatic improvements in user adoption and social business ROI.

Social Lair SDK

Social Lair provides an exciting platform to enhance and extend key business processes in an enterprise using emergent social collaboration technologies. The Social Lair SDK allows integration of advanced quantitative and qualitative social analytics with existing enterprise applications. Our REST-based web APIs and composite application framework provides organizations significant savings in cost and time as they implement socialized business processes by adding a social layer on existing business collaboration and ERP systems.

Emergent Gamification SDK

Gamification is the application of game design principles to non-game applications to motivate users in accomplishing real life tasks. At its core, gamification is about creating a fun, engaging experience that encourages users to perform tasks that they might otherwise find tedious or common place.

Building upon this continuing trend and demonstrates how enterprises can use gamification to induce engagement, motivate participation and positively impact performance. This ability to influence human behavior transcends individual tasks, team deliverables and alignment with broader business goals.

Social Lair's Emergent Gamification SDK enables enterprises to rapidly integrate Social Lair's gamification engine with their existing applications and dramatically increase employee engagement through use of virtual currency, emergent user ranking, non-monetary incentives and peer recognition.


Social Lair is the industry's first and only business social platform designed to drive purposeful conversation and business insights.

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