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Gain Business Insights from Collective Intelligence

At Social Lair, we believe the real power of business social software comes from activating business context specific user experiences, not from noisy, undirected chatter.

Our suite of business solutions allow enterprises to harness the value of collaboration in daily work as well as activate process-specific interactions across product lifecycle management, talent and workforce management, and marketing.

Built on the Social Lair Platform, each solution leverages a preconfigured community archetype that combines various conversation types with information aggregation models, to create an emergent ranking of users and content, and to effectively route information. By thus promoting inherent order and lowering ad-hoc noise, our solutions facilitate frictionless interactions between employees, partners and customers...align those interactions around specific business objectives...and improve the speed and quality of decision making across the enterprise.


Built on the Social Lair Platform, our solutions catalyze meaningful collaboration for business insights. Get our whitepaper to learn how...

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