Idea Management Solutions

Harness collective intelligence to catalyze your innovation pipeline. Ensure adequate process controls alongside open community interactions. Use enterprise gamification and social analytics to maximize your innovation ROI.
How It Works

The Open Innovation solution provides you complete control to build innovation communities for ongoing campaigns as well as time-bound challenges. Target internal users, external users or both types. Balance process controls and open community interactions across each stage of the idea management process. Harness collective intelligence on almost any topic — new product design, cost savings, and continuous improvement.

Key Benefits

Establish a sustainable competitive advtange by building a community of purpose for continuous innovation and addressing strategic business goals.

  • Fast. Best practices embedded in the Social Lair platform lead to faster deployments and reduced operational costs. Get started in 48hours!
  • Flexible. Easily upgrade from Suggestion Box or Open Feedback to Open Innovation as your needs mature.
  • Extensible. Integration with enterprise LDAP and full administrative control over user registration, access control and security permissions.
  • Comprehensive. Leverage full power of Social Enterprise by getting Open Innovation with WorkStream (Enterprise Collaboration Network) solution. Combining innovation campaigns with daily work is a great way to sustain social collaboration aligned with key business goals.
Gather inputs from large groups of users to collaboratively evolve and nurture ideas. Effectively aggregate community preferences to filter, advance and rank ideas.
How It Works

This solution is designed to easily create focus groups, idea campaigns or contests that facilitate large groups of users to view, comment and vote on a pre-selected set of ideas. Advanced algorithms process qualitative and quantitative inputs continuously to ensure quality content and sustained participation. And deliver actionable insights to idea authors as well as the evaluation team.

Innovation starts with people. Social Lair helps you overcome difficulties inherent in opening up participation to broad, diverse groups.

  • Purposeful. Increase visibility of your organization's key goals and priorities — establish purposeful conversations across your focus group.
  • Proven. Pre-built solution embeds best practices so there's no experimentation with social collaboration. Our wizard-based configuration helps you easily pick the right process controls to make open participation work.
  • Flexible. Mature technology platform common to all our solutions. Easily add new campaigns with varying needs — get only idea sourcing with Suggestion Box, or move up to embrace full co-creation with Open Innovation.
Invite private submissions from partners, customers or employees. Gather ongoing inputs aligned with your goals and priorities. Streamline submission evaluation process.
How It Works

This solution is designed to automate an idea submissions process in which users are allowed to post ideas and get review updates on their ideas. Privacy is fully enforced in that idea posters cannot view ideas submitted by others, just their own. The type of user roles and activities they can perform on the system are as follows.

Idea Submitters Innovation Team Moderator
These could be partners or customers for external, or employees for internal deployment. Idea submitters can post ideas in one of the pre-defined categories and view their submissions but not others. Once submitted, ideas cannot be changed by the submitter. Innovation team members have privileges as "power users" to view all submitted ideas, post comments, and vote on ideas. Power users are not allowed to submit ideas. Some members can be designated as reviewers, allowing them to post reviews on ideas. Moderators are users with full visibility to the site. Typically an innovation team member assumes moderator responsibilities to customize idea submission page, enable categories, category reviews & subscriptions, and to monitor user activity and generate reports.
Key Benefits
Quick. Simple. Easy. Cost effective.

Social Lair delivers enterprise grade SaaS based solution hosted on the Amazon AWS cloud — with full security, data backup and five 9's availability.

  • Quick to deploy. We can get you started in 24 hours.
  • Get precisely what you need with a simple user interface — no user training required.
  • With user self-help and automated community administration tasks, you can get started easily.
  • Cost effective. Get the full power of SaaS (software-as-a-service) without any IT infrastructure or system administration staff costs.